The renewing election assembly of Neuroradiology Section was held in April, 2012, after a period of non-activity during past years.

In addition to regular Section meetings, a Croatian neuroradiology meeting with international participation is scheduled for every second year, starting in 2014.

The contact with European Society of Neuroradiology has been re-established and the Section has become an institutional member in July 2013.

The contact with the Neuroradiology Section Of Slovenia has also been made with the plans of closer cooperation and participation in the meetings of the two Sections.

The members of the Section are neuroradiology sub-specialists and general radiologists who primarily work in the field of neuroradiology, with the obligation of annual members fee to Croatian Society of Radiology, with no additional Section membership fee at this time.

All the Section members have a ESR and ESNR membership status, as institutional members.

The main role of the Section is in-country as well as international communication of neuroradiologists and the establishment of diagnostic criteria and guidelines for interventional procedures, in accordance to good clinical practice. Other aims are the education of  neuroradiology fellows, cooperation in every day workflow, communication with other medical professionals and open and informative contact with patients.